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Our goal is to supply our customers with high quality engineering, and to reduce deadlines and costs both in construction and production in series. Autostamp S.A. works in the construction of the means of production. Carrying out the process, viability, method and tooling design, from simultaneous engineering to the assembly line. Autostamp S.A. always validate the process and/or tool using specialised software. Forming simulation using Autoform, transfer simulation using Tecnomatix, Press Line Simulation and structural calculation with FEMAP/NASTRAN.


Who are we?

Autostamp S.A. is an engineering company working in the design of the means of production, for the manufacture of parts and assemblies from steel or aluminium plate, basically for the automobile and aeronautics sector. Founded in 1999, to meet the needs of the sector, Autostamp S.A. is a competitive engineering company, with all of the latest technological advances and expert technical personnel.



  • Quality engineering
  • Monitoring the work
  • Meeting deadlines

ISO 9001/2015


Autostamp S.A. is subject to the strictest quality standards. That is why our quality system has been certified by TUV and conforms to the DIN/EN/ISO 9001/2015 Standard.